Friday, June 3, 2011

A little whimsy

Since we've moved out to the farm five years ago, we've worked on projects that are neccesary. The barn needed to be cleaned out, the chicken coops built, turkey pens, calf pens, garden, cleaning up the yard, field work, putting in a new woodstove, planting trees, uprooting pine trees, continually attacking the brush on the fence line, putting up fences, cleaning, repairing, removing, rebuilding, etc.! You get the picture, living on a farm is work. Especially when you buy a farm that's been in a state of disrepair for too many years!

So this week, Em and I worked on putting a little whimsy into the ol' farm. We dug out some old planters and gave them a bright coat of paint. I LOVE spraypaint almost as much as I love fabric! An old rocker that had gotten left out over the winter and some old wagon wheels I bought years ago at an auction. And we created a little whimsy. 

Pretty things remind us that beauty is as important as all the functional things we also do on the farm/homestead.

Oh well, back to cleaning out calf pens tomorrow.  :)


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