Friday, June 24, 2011

Goose Doctor

Another thing I would never even have thought of as having to do or something I would have laughed at if someone told me this is something I'd be doing. This guy somehow managed to break his wing. The farmer showed him to me yesterday as we were getting ready to leave for the auction. We decided to see how he did overnight. Today he had a little rip and was bleeding so it was time to intervene.

We had to bandage him twice. The first time I tied him with a ace wrap that I had but a while later when I checked on him, he had scooted it down around his legs and it was causing him to wobble more so than geese usually do. So after some research on the internet, off to town I went to get supplies. I used baking soda to stop the bleeding and tucked some guaze pads on his wing. Then I wrapped guaze all the way around him and taped over him with masking tape. He looks quite comical and isn't happy with me but his wing is immobolized which is what I wanted.

Geese can get really mean and it's important to talk and pet them everyday and they stay friendlier. If we hadn't been talking to him, bandaging him would have been one heck of a fight and probably would have done more harm to him than good.

Now off to take the stitches out of the calf. And just think, it was a mere 6 years ago that I had perfectly manicured nails and my Friday night would be drinks and dinner with friends! Ahh the amazing turns our lives take.  :)


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