Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crayon Rolls

I've always thought they were cute but to tell the truth, I never really saw the point in them. Then the other day as I was getting ready to go out the door to take my lil' man to his 4 month check-up, my pink lovin' princess decided that she absolutely had to go with me or it would break her heart. In under 2 minutes, she had her face washed, shoes on and we were out the door.

Then we sat in the waiting room and she was bored. And then we got into the exam room and she was bored. *UGH* And this momma with nothing in her purse but her notebook and some pens. Then cruising through etsy, I saw some crayon rolls and one mom said she kept her in her purse for those times when you need a good distraction. So in my attempt to use up some fabric, I made the boy one and the girl one. And they were so so so excited. And then I told them that they were going to be kept in momma's purse for when we were out and about. Em did dig them out of the purse to play with them this morning before church but she was good about putting them back when it was time to get ready for church.

And what a hit at church. The farmer had to go to work this morning so I was on my own with 3 kiddos. THANKFULLY, the farmer's parents go to the same church or there would be days (as all you momma's now), that we would either not make it to church or not make it through church. When they started getting a little fidgetty, I just pulled them out with a notebook and they sat for the rest of the service and colored and then putting the colors back in and out and rearranging them, etc.

Oh and I also have five more boy themes and five more pink themes cut out. Some will go into the etsy store BUT I'm thinking I will have a little giveaway for all of you. Look for some details a little later this week. Part of my mission in getting rid of some material is that when I make something, I'm going to make multiples and put some up for sale in my etsy shop or save for Christmas presents. But since I also love giving things to people, I'm want to share some of it with you guys.


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