This is me and this is my blog. I read somewhere that when you blog, you should lean towards one topic. Yeah that pretty much doesn't suit my personality. I blog like I live. Pretty much all over the place!

These are my kids. They pretty much rock my world.

As my header says, I'm a 'crunchy, crafty, Christian mommy-blogger'. I like to craft, sew, sometimes I crochet. I love being outdoors. We live on a small farm and raise beef. We also have sheep, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese and whatever else lands on the farm (usually brought home in the back of my van). Sometimes this gets me in hot water with the Farmer but usually he just shakes his head. We keep bees and have a garden and orchard.

I cook, bake, laugh and talk (alot!). I chase my kids and have been known to roll down a few hills with them. I don't sit still very well and my children get this trait directly from me...I readily admit it. They move just as fast as me and the Farmer keeps us grounded.

I was raised small town and took off for the big city vowing to never come back. Then I met the Farmer and ended up on the farm. Much to his happiness, six years ago I brought home three roosters and nine hens and that's how it all started.

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