Thursday, June 30, 2011

Animals and their antics

I told the farmer today that having animals is like taking children to the fair - you have to stop every so often and do a headcount to make sure one of them is not off getting into trouble.

The boys and I went to the barn this morning to turn on the big fan and make sure everyone had water because it was supposed to be hot and humid. And it was already. And I didn't want to be outside in that sticky hot weather. So we go walking into the barn and I'm talking to the new babies and I look over the calf pens and there stands Snot, in the middle of the barn where he's not supposed to be. Meaning he somehow, somewhere went through one of the gates. Snot is the calf who went through the fence and had been penned up until yesterday when he was finally released to the pasture again.

So I tried to reason with him and when that didn't work I told him to behave himself until the mister got home from work because well it was hot and I was getting cranky in the heat. So after lunch I went back out to the barn and I couldn't find Snot. So I wandered around the pasture and no Snot. So in a panic I start to running around the barn calling his name (yes, I know how this sounds) and he finally bellows at me.

From the silo room where he somehow managed to push the sliding door open so he could apparently curl up and take a nap. Being that we don't use the silos and creatures like mice like to live in this area of the barn, I again told Snot to behave himself and sent the farmer the above picture, with a message that said, "YOUR problem child."

When the farmer got home from work, Snot had apparently finished his nap and had proceded to go visit the goats.

And if that wasn't enough for the day. I walked by the bathroom to see the 2 1/2 year old toddler that is currently potty training laying across the toilet seat holding the toilet paper holder (picture SuperMan flying) peeing into the toilet.

My least he's using the toilet.


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