Thursday, June 30, 2011


As I was sitting this morning finishing up the pink crayon rolls - still haven't decided what to do with the blue ones - I kept stealing glances at the leftover squares from the shower curtain. I was also thinking about what material to use for a) a new tote bag, b) a library bag, and c) a note/list-taker.

Bam! Lightbulb...duh there's just about enough squares left to make the note-list-taker. I've been eyeing these up for some time because right now when I look into my purse it's a jumbled mess with usually a diaper, a handful of pens, 2 crayon rolls, my wallet, my make-up bag, butt wipes, a couple of toys, receipts, my lists, and little notes tucked here and there on scrap paper. See, I have a horrible short term memory but my long-term memory is wonderful. People tell me things and I either forget them to remember it in 2 months to a year or I write it on a piece of paper and it quickly floats to the bottom of my bag. And then I go to the store and I've trying to dig out coupons or a list and yeah, I'm a mess sometimes.  :)

So some figgling and faggling around and this little beauty came into play.

I used interfacing and feasible fleece to give it a little structure and a hair binder and a button to keep it closed. I pocket in the middle to slide a pen and some little pockets to hold coupons, etc. It's big enough to hold a 5 x 7 pad of paper.

Now a new tote bag. I quit carrying a separate purse and diaper bag when our second child was about one. At least for just going here and there. And now with three I've found it's easier just to carrying a tote bag and mine is still in good shape but on the ends of starting to see better days!

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