Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some ramblings, the mule, jam and meatless meals

How does a gardener get it to rain?
Ask the farmer to cut hay!

Seriously, it works like 75% of the time. We haven't had a lot of rain but it also hasn't been continuosly hot so we haven't really needed it but we were starting to have to water the gardens. And I replanted some bushes and trees and I didn't want to haul buckets of water to water them all. So I told the farmer, "Boy that field is getting tall." The farmer replies, "Yeah, I better get it cut." So half of it gets cut and the haybine breaks so they bale half of what is cut and it rains.  (Don't worry, the hay just needs to be raked and then after a day or so in the sun it can be baled.)

Megan has been returned to the pasture and the little calf is tucked away in a pen until his butt heals. Piecing together the situation, the electric fence runs down the pole he came through. I think he went between the pole and the barn, hit the electric fence, jumped like a mad hatter (cuz hey, it hurts) and torn himself open. Megan was also given a very nice scrub down with a brush by the man who felt very bad about over reacting and trying to ship her away. Now they're tight again. And I got a lot of work out of him that night. Like cleaning out one pen, helping me set up the calf's temporary pen and helping me move broody hens (not fun, they get really mad).  

I made more rhubarb/jello jam. This time trying to replace half the sugar with honey. I read in one of my books that you can replace honey for half of the sugar when preserving. It did not work. The jam didn't set. I had a feeling it might not but I still wantd to try. So now I'm just calling it sauce and we can use it over pancakes or cake.

Last night I talked to the farmer of the house about trying one meatless meal a week. I got the stink eye. I was a vegetarian for years and once I started eating meat again, I only ate chicken and fish, sometimes pork. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my first child that I really ate beef. So for me, I could easily cut beef and pork out of my diet again everyday. The farmer, he's a little leary and thinks I'm going to be making him eat lettuce and carrots. Then I used the old, be a good role model for the kids thing and he agreed. As long as it was a "real meal" and not that silly rabbit food. I would like to do more but I'll start with one meatless dinner and incorporate meatless meals for the kids and I for lunch throughout the week.

Pictures of the garden that are finally planted and almost completely weeded as of last night. And yes, we always have a bench at the garden because it's so peaceful watching gardens grow.  :)


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