Thursday, June 23, 2011

New babes

The farmer and I went to a market auction today to buy some calves. It was quite interesting as we usually buy from local dairy farmers but a friend of his told us we should check it out. We picked up this little guy who is only 70 pounds, he's still a baby babe.

We also took this little guy home for free. He's what they call a pass calf. He didn't want to get up so our friend told us when they think they're sick and won't move, they don't auction them, they jut put them down. ACK!!! They told us we could take him home if we wanted.  Ummmm, yes please! I'll give anything a chance. So we got him home and got some milk into him and it seems he was just hungry and scared. He's drinking and moving around now.

Little man helping with chores. The cutest part? I walked outside to go to the barn and he had on this jacket and barn pants, just his little butt stickin' out. Him and I had a trip to Urgent Care today because he had a tick embedded in the back of his leg....UGH!! But fortunately it hadn't been there long so no scare of Lyme's.

And DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE FARMER DID TO ME TODAY!! We were trying to find the cattle auction and got turned around. He pulled into this parking lot, I looked up and there was Hancock Fabrics...with a 50 percent storewide poster. My mouth dropped open and he laughed and pointed at the clock..."Oh too bad we're running late." HA! There will be payback.  :)



  1. Awww. I want to personally THANK YOU for saving that calf's life! What a good mama! That's sad that it would have otherwise been put down. Breaks my heart.

    So cute about the little one and his tuckus sticking out!!! And the ticks are AWFUL here this year!! I had one on my ankle this week (luckily - it didnt burrow yet), and I picked one off of puppy's ear this morning! ICK!

    And I would have been FURIOUS with hubby if he ever did that to me. You cant show me a sale and then go on your way. But you still got a good deal... on the calf! :-)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. i love your post!!!!! such cute pictures and i love how your little boy came to help lol :0)

  3. Love the babies.

    Oh and my hubby would soooo do me that way too.