Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finished Projects

I love the satisfaction of checking projects off the list. I finished this one up late late last night and then decided to cast on the fingerless gloves. It'll fit him this summer but he'll need a new hat for winter. And I'll be busy since the other two love the boxy look with the pom poms on the ends that they each want one also.

And a new shower curtain (please ignore the fact that it needs to be ironed). Our bathroom has no natural light so it tends to seem dark which therefore makes it seem smaller. For many years, I've also loved rich, dark, warm colors but moving into a cottage-y type home, those just aren't possible. We had a dark maroon shower curtain on for years and when I finally got around to looking for a light colored one, they were WAY too expensive or way to tacky/boring/something weird/etc. Then musing about one in the store one day, that little lightbulb went on and I thought, "Oh duh, why don't I just make one, I do know how to sew." Being a mother of three who is usually sleep deprived, I also maybe said it outloud and gotten odd looks from other shoppers but I've grown used to those.

To all you quilters out there...KUDOS!! I have decided that quilting is just too much fussy work for me, which is why there is not a head-on shot of the bottom because some of the corners don't quite match up exactly. But it does make me happy. Even the farmer walked out of the bathroom and said, "You just made that right?" "Yes dear." "Wow, turned out nice, lots brighter." He likes to cover all his bases because sometimes he misses things.  :)


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