Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thomas the Train

One of my favorite things about little kids is how passionate they can be about something they like. Or is it obsessive? Thomas the Train is big in our household. I mean BIG, REALLY BIG. Borderline I'd think he had a problem if he wasn't 2 1/2!

Last time we went to Walmart to get some sewing notions, he beelined it straight for the Thomas material. Luckily, I love him enough to spend a whole yuppin' $2.50 to buy some material to make him a pair of pajama pants. He must have been good that day.  ;)

I used the same basic pants bottom that I use for all the kid's pajama bottoms. New Look 6641. It's quick and simple. Instead of a waist band, I used fold over elastic making this even quicker. From cutting to finishing the hem was under 30 minutes.



  1. Way cute :-) Next up....Transformers :-)

  2. Love the idea of using FOE for the waistband and I'm so.jealous that your Wal-Mart still has the fabric department. Our area stores eliminated them. :(

  3. Transformers would be SO better than those yogilo thingies that my nephews are into! ACK!!

    I think the only reason we probably got to keep our fabric department is that there is nothing else close. I'm so happy it's there or I'd have to order everything online!