Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baby Shower Gifts

Miss Em and I have a baby shower to attend today so I went to work yesterday putting together a little trio of my favorite baby things.

A carseat blanket. I still have the strap holes to cut but will wait until I can use the mom's carseat for a guideline.

A baby sleep sack. Initially I thought these would be great for when the baby was little. We use ours more now than the first couple of months. These are great for when they start kicking off their blankets. Logan wears one almost every night.

The baby apron. Seriously, what a great idea. I will be making up another 6-7 of these and getting rid of all of our little bibs.

I did make one already for the little man to see how it was put together. This has great coverage.

View from the back and of his little half-bald head from where he's rubbed all his hair off!


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