Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Old Barns and Apple Trees

Yesterday we went and picked some apples at the place where the farmer cuts hay. We don't have a lot of land so we do sharecropping with several people. We either trade meat or we split the crop in half. The property has an old apple tree, plum tree and is covered in wild grapes. The people who live there don't want any of them and told us we could pick as much as we wantd. It's nice knowing people like this!  :)

These are the apples we picked.
This is the old barn. Isn't it gorgoues! I wish I could have gone instead but I only had flip flops on. It's covered in ivy and grapes!!

 The farmer's tractor.
 The plum tree.
 More wild grapes.
 Hay bales waiting to be brought home.
 Hay waiting to be baled.
 The farmer picking apples. It was a really big tree. We'll have to go back with a ladder.
 This used to scare me but oddly I'm getting used to seeing this kind of stuff. Although being used to it SHOULD scare me.


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