Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fleece Covers New in Shop

So yesterday I missed my deadline of putting something new into the shop. But I will say that I did have THREE items ready to list it was just that it was 11 o'clock at night and wasn't great picture weather.

I have two new side snapping fleece diaper covers. These are great for putting over a fitted or prefolds cloth diaper or for adding over your toddler's underwear during potty training! For great nighttime protection, add a pair of fleece shorties or longies over a regular AIO cloth diaper. I love my fleece covers but did not like the bulk around the thighs and waist for the fleece bands. Also, I didn't like trying to get a pull-up cover onto a baby or off a wet baby or toddler. You know how sometimes you have those conversations with yourself about something you'd like and then you even look around for that something...and then you realize that you could just make it yourself?? Yeah, so that's how these fleece covers came about. I love them...and so does the farmer! Dad approved...can't beat that!  :)

I will also be listing my first notetaker/mommy organizer in my etsy shop. And I have more that are in the works to be put into the shop - both covers and notetakers!


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