Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happenings around the farm

We've been busy but that hasn't been why I haven't been posting. The farmer took my camera cord to work and keeps forgetting to bring it home. And I don't like posting without pictures.

On sunday I picked cucumbers. LOTS AND LOTS of cucumbers. I've been making dill pickles, kosher dills, bread and butters and even some relish. There's still more cucumbers to process and more to pick! This is really new to us because cucumbers are the one thing we have not been able to grow and this year they seem to be making up for the past 5 years!

Had lots of zuccinni lately also. We've either been eating it fresh or shredding it for use over the winter. I made venesion burgers one night and added in shredded zuccinni and it made it very moist.

The chicken that was sitting in the lilac bush hatched out her egg. Yes, one. Sunday when we pulled in from church her and her little chickie were out exploring the barnyard.

Two years ago, one of our turkey hens decided she was going to go live with the wild turkeys. We'd see her with the pack that went threw our fields. Then last summer, we'd see her again every once in awhile but then we didn't see her anymore and figured she most of died.

Saturday morning the farmer went out to do chores and there she stood at the door. He said hi and she wandered off to join our turkeys again and now apparently has moved back home. Who knew turkeys could be just like teenagers!

I really need to pick green beans but the mosquitos are horrible. It's also been very hot and muggy. Sunday I worked in the garden with bug spray but I was just sweating off the bug spray and still getting attacked by mosquitos. Last night the temperatures broke so maybe today the boys and I will go out and play in the garden.

August is here and life on the farm, especially in the garden, is in full swing!


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