Wednesday, July 27, 2011

T-shirt pom poms for hair

I've found a huge problem with Pinterest. Y'all know what pinterest is right? If not, for your sanity. DO NOT get an account. It's seriously more addicting then blogs. I have relatively few pins but once you start following people, you could seriously get lost for hours. I mean, I stayed up until midnight looking at everyone's pins!

So when I had these leftover t-shirt bottoms and then my hair supplies showed up from Mocosupplies (relatively new on etsy but has FABULOUS prices and a great selection and was great to work with!). I knew I just had to make these pom poms. So I made four!

My favorite is that no matter how much jersey you use, they look adorable. The all white one seems very fresh flowing to me while the brown and white ones looks to cute and puffy!


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