Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My laundry line challenge

Oh! You were expecting to see clothes on there. Well I could lie and say that line drying has been so effective that I'm caught up on my laundry? Oh right, that's a sin. Okay, well line drying went really good for until Saturday. And then the lil' babe got sick and I did nothing but snuggles and go to church until his fever finally broke.

And we have Vacation Bible School this week and for some insane reason, I said I'd be in charge of crafts. Today the kids were supposed to be putting together these treasure boxes and decorating them. And then they showed up on Friday and well me and a 10 year old boy tried putting them together with Elmer's Glue like the directions said and it didn't go to well. So plans were redrafted, we added another craft to fill time today and instead of putting them together they were just going to decorate them. So over the weekend I had to put together 20 of these. Well see above and yesterday afternoon I started putting them together with hot glue and after it took me an hour to do 3, I called the farmer's mom and she came and helped and it took us 6 hours. Ages 3 and up my rear end!!

And it's been humid and the clothes were on the line all day and still not dry. I also went to a plant sale at the farm store and everything was 75% off. A six-pack of strawberries for $1.99. We went back the next day and they were gone. I also bought acorn squash (which was already planted in the garden) and 40 more cabbage plants and 8 more califlower because they were 44 cents for a 4-pack. We also bought more raspberries and climbing roses. I really didn't need more of either but I was in sale mood apparently.  :)

I've been harvesting food for the barn animals in the garden and finally got the potatoes mulched. The peas are so close to being ready to be picked that I'm drooling. This is also my last week of classes for my bachelor's degree. I just have to test out of three classes and I can graduate. We also have swimming lessons this week and next and I am doing the Bible in 90 days. The farmer has also been working crazy hours at work so I'm sleep deprived because he's been gone in the morning and we have to be at church by 8 to set up so we start at 9 a.m. and we are not a get up and go in the morning kinda family.

But today I'm all caught up for Bible School so am going to go spend some time playing with my kids and smelling some flowers. Oh yeah and since the temperature dropped I can go back to hanging my clothes out on the line and cleaning my house because I'm sure glad y'all can't see us on video because I'd be quite embarressed!


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