Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspring story

I attend a very small church. It has only been in the past couple of years that we have had enough kids to have Sunday School. For Vacation Bible School, we advertise and welcome kids of all ages or religious denomination. When you live in a village of 200 people, 20 kids is AWESOME!!

Anyways, there are two kids from town who attend. The boy has been rambunctious, yeah, we'll use that word, in the past. This year has been entirely different. He's been a great helper (he's one of the older kids), listens intently, is excited to be doing the mission work and truly listens and understands the stories.

Yesterday as part of mission time, the kids all planted flowers. Today, a couple of kids were outside playing and waiting for parents when he came running in because another boy from the neighborhood, ran his bike right through the flowers they had planted. We went out and looked at the flowers and did what we could and talked about what we do when things like this happen.

It was truly awesome to see him take such pride and ownership in something he had helped create!!


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