Thursday, July 21, 2011

Broccoli beautiful broccoli

This spring, I had one tire left to plant and didn't know what to put in it. I had two broccoli plants and a packet of broccoli seeds so I planted the plants and sprinkled the seeds. Then kinda forgot about it.

I've been watching the peas because they are SOOOOOOOO close to being ready to pick. We've been watching them scientifically by munching on the sweet tender little peas and peapods.  :)  Sigh...the things we must do in pursuit of greater gardening success!

So anyways, I was going out to taste test the peas again for doneness and I walked past the tire and thought holy moly those broccoli plants are getting big and low and behold they had nice little heads of broccoli inside!

Which would be why the picture is so horrible because my kids were so excited to eat the garden broccoli I barely had time to take a picture.

I think the peas will be ready tomorrow. The weather decided to be friendly and it was a nice 88 degrees today with no humidity. My hair is so much happier today.


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