Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm sold on line drying

I've been a lover of line drying every since I was a little girl. However, I typically only line dry when it's convenient and fits into my schedule. Usually that means getting laundry done in the morning when I have time to get it out on the line, which doesn't happen a whole lot. I'm also a lover of cutting down our electric bill because I think it's extremely too high. When we build, I want one of those switches at the front door that cuts all power to unnecessary outlets when you leave. Until then, I spend a lot of time shutting off lights and unplugging things.

Then I ran across this article from Country Living, Simple Laundry Tips.

Seriously?!?! 50-65% is from using the dryer.

I have a new mission for the month of July. There will be no more using the dryer for laundry. It can either be hung out on the line or put out on the drying rack. I really want to see if I can substantially lower our electric bill.

Anyone care to join me? I'll post updates throughout the month and when the electric bill comes, I'll post our savings. It'll also be a good way to see how creative I can get in drying laundry on days when I can't use the laundry line!

I feel like Special Agent Oso - Your  mission if you choose to accept laundry dryer for 30 days!!  



  1. I love line drying too! I have been forced to do it more recently because my dryer is currently on the fritz. I use cloth diapers on my youngest, so I try to always line dry those since the sun acts as a natural bleacher/deodorizer. I don't know if I can do your challenge but I will at least try to continue to do the majority of my drying on the line.
    Thanks for the tips, too!

  2. I line dry everything except bath towels. My husband has totally gotten over crunchy jeans and boxers lol. I also agree that the sun is the only things that gets out breast fed baby poo stains. I don't like using anything harsh on my kid's clothing. Great challenge!