Monday, July 18, 2011

The daisy dress

or not.

We took Miss Em to the new Winnie the Pooh today. It was great! I told her daddy was taking his girls on a date and she told me that we had to wear pretty dresses. Hhmmm, not alot in my closets these days. So I figured I had an hour and that's pretty much what it took for me to dig out material and this t-shirt and some 2 inch elastic and sew together. I've seen these all over blogland these days.

Why the daisy dress? When I was getting dressed, the farmer said, oh that's a pretty dress, you're covered in daisies. Uummm no, those are chrysanthemums. Oh really, must be the sun. Uummm, okay old man.  :)

It's hot here in Wisconsin. Like muggy, humid, take your breathe away say thanks for air conditioning and ice water hot. It rained over the weekend and the water from that rain still has not evaporated from the driveway. We even went to the lake yesterday and it was good until you got out of the lake, then it was bad again.

But all this humid weather is good for the garden. I swear you can literally see the plants growing. Weeds to but we're dealing with them slowly. The humid weather is not good for line drying my laundry. Actually it's been so humid that I haven't even been able to use the dryer to dry clothes because it just took too long. Usually my dryer will dry a load in 42 minutes, the other day I did two 42 minute cycles and the clothes still weren't dry. So it's been piling up. Tonight I'm sitting up doing laundry, reading (keeping up on the Bible in 90days) and the blogs in my reader.

I love nighttime. The house is quiet and calm, everyone's sleeping. I can read and sew and have my thoughts to myself. It's my peaceful, recharging time. Sometimes I do lose sleep but this week the farmer is off call so I can sleep in a bit.

I also did fix the mumu dress but it's in the laundry pile so I'll put up pictures later. I actually have a couple more dress ideas I want to do because I need more pretties in my life and dresses are much, much cooler than shorts or capris even.


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  1. What a fun date! And it's lovely fabric, even if it's not daisies. :)

    I've also noticed our dryer taking longer and never thought to connect it to the humidity!

    I can hardly wait until this hot weather passes. They're talking of temps in the high 90s here tomorrow and that's really unusual here by the lake.