Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden Blessings

Our garden is certainly blessing us this year. While we didn't get the early lettuce and spring onions, I do believe that it may be our best year ever!


Horseradish (really needs to be dug up this fall - it's been in for almost 4 years).

Onions (first year they've made it this far - usually the ducks/geese/turkeys eat them).

Beets and turnips

Pumpkins, seedlings of cabbage and califlower, sunflowers, pole beans, sweet corn.

Potatoes - White, reds, and sweet potatoes (anyone know a good way to get rid of potatoe bugs without having to dust them?)

Brussel sprouts - one of my favorite treats for over the winter.

Acorn squash that popped up from last year.

Cucumbers - for 5 years we've never gotten enough cucumbers to do anything with except to eat fresh. Last year was okay but the farmer wanted pickles so 90% came from my parents or the farmer's market. This year he planted 6 packages of seeds hoping for something and we may just have cucumbers coming out of our ears!

More cucumbers and peas - I've already picked 3 buckets of peas and more to come!

Tomatoes - I'm 5'7" and they are as tall as me. They're actually holding each other up!

The basket of cucumbers we already picked.

I have my children addicted to slush puppies. Last summer when I was pregnant we had one every single day. I would walk into church with one. The gas station people laughed at me. But they sure do beat the heat!



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