Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Kitchen Playset...

I've been adding little things to the kitchen playset here and there. This was by far, the best things we've made (or even bought) for our children. They all play with it. Even the lil' babe loves to open and close the doors and throw everything out of the drawers...

I bought a vinyl decal and love it. I bought it from this etsy shop.

The kids would still like to see some color on it. With that saying (which I LOVE), I want to paint flowers on all the drawers. Although I'm so in love with vinyl decals I just may buy some. Or maybe convince myself that I need a Silhouette and make my own!?! Ha!! I wish!

With the midst of all the sickness going on in our household, it was nice to do something crafty...even if it was sticking a decal up!  :)


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