Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wristlet from the UFO pile

When I was cleaning up and organizing, I found a pile of projects in the UFO (unfinished objects) pile. One of those things was this little wrislet I had bought from Two Peas in a Pod etsy shop. I bought it January 2011. Yes, this little beauty has been sitting on my sewing pile for almost a year.

I bought a wristlet kit that included everything I needed to make this little bag. It's lined with quilted material on the inside as well as a layer of fusible fleece that gives it a little structure.

My daughter immediately claimed it for her and when I asked when I got it back her response was, "Not anytime soon!" At the time I snapped this picture, it was filled with two My Little Ponies and chapstick.

Once I realized how simple this was, I'll be making a bunch more for me! Of course, that's after I finish all the other projects in my UFO pile!  :)


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