Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jewelry and Quilts

It's a balmy 0 degrees outside here in Wisconsin which is an improvement over the -10 it was when I woke up at 6:30 am and news reports say it reached negative 17 degrees in our area. My fellow Wisconsin bloggy friends will attest to the fact that this is cold. Cold that you don't want to go out in. Cold that makes it hard to keep the house warm no matter what you try. Cold that makes it hard to breath when you go outside. We have both wood furnances going. We have our old wood furnance in the basement that we only start up when it gets really, really cold and our new wood furnance in the garage. We also have the electric heaters on both levels going. I also started laundry this morning to get some more heat into the house. We have one of those dryer vents that allows the warm air to be pushed back into the house instead of outside.

And as my friends who have animals know that the cold becomes a big concern. The barn gets locked up tight and the animals are only out during the day. Water has to be checked several times throughout the day because it freezes up so fast and we have to make sure water lines in the barn don't freeze.

So the kids and I are doing some crafting this morning and started some necklaces. I found some jewelry making kits on sale at WalMart. I picked one up for the lil' miss that has lots of colored beads, pendants and elastic string.

I found another one for my lil' monster that uses heavy string and wooden beads.

I also dug out this quilt this morning. It was started by my great-aunt a couple years ago before she died. Her daughters gave her to my grandma who gave it to me.

And there are no directions. I have a name - Basket of Love by Jo Carpenter - but can't find anything. So I've been doing some digging on trying to find the pattern. I would like to finish it for the lil' miss before Valentine's Day.

Stay warm!!


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