Friday, January 13, 2012

I got nothin' but a headache people...

and a long list of chores and complaints.

Our household has a "bug." I'm not sure what kind of bug it is because it has affected each person differently. I thought it had avoided the baby.

Until we went and got hair cuts and some guy says, "Oh ma'am (I hate being called ma'am, I think I'm too young for ma'am), your baby spit up a little." He was being kind, the baby had actually projectile puked down the front of himself and across the lobby of the hair salon. I was apologizing, wiping, paying and high tailing it outta there as fast as I could go with three kids in the winter.

Our family also lost my beloved uncle this week, so I went out of town yesterday and will be out of town on Saturday for the services. He died suddenly and unexpected so it has been quite a shock to all of us.

So between sickness and a death in the family, my life has been chaotic this week. We have no more clean towels and we're on the last set of sheets and blankets. The clean clothes and dirty clothes have taken over the mudroom. My floors are dirty and the kitchen is a mess. We've eaten convenience, quick foods almost every night this week. The house looks like a level 4 hurricane blew though and I want to sew so badly that I can hear my sewing machine softly calling to me in the middle of the night as I try to soothe one of the children. It has been softly calling..."Please...come play with me."

On the bright side, being that we are on day six of sick bathroom is spotless!


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  1. Oh, Lisa, I feel for you! We've got the same thing going on in our house over here on the other side of the state. :(

    And each of us exhibits symptoms just a little differently, too. I'm the lucky one with the vomiting. I'd much, much rather deal with it myself than have to help the kids through it so I'm counting my blessings there!

    I'm hoping your family recovers very quickly. :)


    ~ Kari