Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some diaper sewing

And it felt GOOD!

I love these colors and I love how they look together. The bad winter lighting does not do the colors on these diapers any justice. The blue should be a fun seaformy color and the raspberry color on the back right should be more purply.

I've gone back and forth on sewing diapers and if I want to continue. It always comes down to being a time management thing, especially now that I'm working. Life always seems so busy and my kids are young. I have a bunch of covers cut out and I will list them. My wonder is if I want to do custom work. Which is what 90% of all my diaper sewing has been. Living in a small house, it becomes a challenge of keeping an inventory of ready-made trainers. There is also the upfront cost of making those trainers when business has typically been slow.

But as we all know. Our lives ebb and flow like a river. Sometimes I think it's just best to enjoy the ride and see where the current takes you!


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  1. Oh, I always wanted to try making diapers for my littles...and I never did. Sigh. Your's are wonderful, even with the winter lighting challenges (boy, do I ever know what you mean).