Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Clothes for the boys

Thursday my mom (bless her heart!) took the kids for me so I could a) put my messy house somewhat back in order and b) get started on easter clothes. Friday and Saturday morning were spent sewing like crazy! I finished everything an hour before we had to leave with the mister getting home from work just in time to tie the tie and out the door we went.

I never thought I'd be one of THOSE mothers who did the matchy match with her kids but I will admit they looked pretty darn fine!! And we got lots of "Awww aren't they all adorable!" at the photo shoot. Well at least from the moms. Most of the dads just gave dad a little sympathy for having a mom who did matchy match with her kids.  :)

The little boys tie is from The Little Gentemen's Closet on etsy and comes as a pdf. Wonderful instructions and so simple to make.

The onsie is just appliqued and was also very simple. Looks a little wonky in the picture but is pretty straight.

The dress is now in the wash since a little girl snuck outta the house before changing and was found cleaning in her dad's shop while eating chocolate. Isn't it funny how neither two grown men (dad and grandpa) put two and two together that a 4 year old probably shouldn't be playing around dirt and grease in a brand new dress that mommy just finished sewing for easter. . . (can anyone else hear cricket chirping?)


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