Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Clothes

Am finally catching up on laundry and was able to iron and snap a quick photo of Em dress. It's almost 45 degrees already here in Wisconsin! Finally, we can open up the windows and let some fresh air in!!

I love how easy this dress was. I love how it's dressed up with the rick rack and I adore those little pockets with the bows on them. The pockets are really not very functional at all but they do look so cute.

And now that Easter sewing is done for the kids...maybe I can get back to some of that sewing for me!!  :)

Which may be hard to do. When spring weather rolls around, we tend to slow down. We spend more time outside going for walks, exploring, puttering around in the yard and basically just enjoying not being cooped up or having to wear 15 1/2 layers of clothes!

We also have chicks showing up next week. A mule coming this week (I think it's this week) and possibly a few more calves and some lambs! I love spring!!  :)


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