Thursday, April 7, 2011

A walk around the farm

It was gorgeous today and oh boy do I mean gorgeous. It's still about 55 degrees as I type this and it's 7 o'clock! So, we took an adventure around the farm.

The turkeys enjoying the sunshine.
These two love to go for walks with us. This is Dora and Diego.
The black spots are bees buzzing around. I didn't want to get too closet because we didn't have a head net with us. We've had problems with bear knocking over the hives so we now have a solar electric fence around the hives. You can see the damage done last summer to the back of the box.
Clearing some trees and limbs that fell in storms over the winter and spring. We'll load these up for our wood supply for next winter.
Drinking momma's "offee." It's really just hot water and honey (one of my favorite drinks, especially when my throat is sore from my acid reflux).

The snow covering on the south side of our property.
This is a fox den. We don't know if there is a fox inside yet but we haven't seen any this spring. We did see a coyote last week on our property. Horrible predators! Last time we had a fox, we lost almost 40 chickens over the course of a summer.
Some of our chickens are escape artists and love to roam the barnyard.

When we have predators around, unfortunately, we have to lock up least at night. We also have a nice large yard off the coop that's built from a corn crib we took down a couple years ago.

One of our sheep.

We have a lot of old tractor tires left on the property from the old owners. This is one turned inside out for use as a hay feeder. They are expensive to get rid of so we're trying to creatively make as many as possible useful.
This barn I spent two days painting two summers ago. I still haven't finished the backside of the barn.

The mister's man cave. I'm generally scared to go in there because I end up finding new old stuff he's bought.

Our grain bin. We do use this although it has never been completely full.

The corn crib. We've used this over the years to house different animals. I keep telling the mister with the right fence, I could keep a pig in here...

Our house. More tractor tires that I use for small garden plants (lettuce, carrots, onions, radishes, greens). The three closer to the house hold my strawberry plants.
Uummm, the weeds got a little away from me last fall.  :)

The littlest mister experiencing his first nature walk.

Our brooder boxes ready for our shipment of baby chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese next week.

This is Chocolate.

And this is Buddy. Sometimes they escape their cages and make little Chocolate Buddy's.

Another sheep.
The newest babies awaiting their dinner.
This is what happens when there are too many roosters in the hen house. This one was taken out of the hen house to heal up. We have a bunch of roosters that need to be butchered this spring.



  1. Loved the tour Lisa- thanks for sharing!

  2. Great Tour, love the new use for the old tractor tires.