Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Megan the Mule

This is Megan.

This girl got her nose bent out of shape last night.

Ever seen animals establish a peeking order? We saw one last night. This young little lady tried to show the new old woman who was in charge. She lost. She needed to lose. Peace has been established in the pasture.

Megan is a mule and is about 20 years old. She belonged to a friend of ours who does a lot of hunting in the mountains and Megan is just getting too old for hunting. But she is so super friendly and sweet so she's come here to live with us. She's gentle and sweet and our kids can learn to ride on her. Em is super excited. Connor wasn't sure what to think. According to our friend, she has one speed...S L O W. Which is exactly what the kids need to learn to ride!

Megan needs a little love. Our friend was paying to have his mules and horses taken care of over the winter and they were a little neglected. Not to the point of abuse but they certainly could have withstood more food than they were getting (which sent our friend over the edge because he provided all of they feed along with paying to have them taken care of). He said he thought about taking her home first for a week or two because he was so embarrassed.

But all is well and she's home with us. She's getting a little extra grain for awhile and as soon as it warms up will get a good scrub down and brushing.

We're hoping she also helps with any predators that come into the area. Donkeys are typically good at dealing with predators so we're hoping she keeps up to the donkey in her!  :)


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