Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter Sewing

I have a very Type A personality, which doesn't always mesh so well with my Type B personality. I know, I even confuse myself a little sometimes. I love organization, I crave it, and I'm very good at organizing things and my type A personality strives for organization while my type B personality is a little more messy, or let's say creative. Yeah creative is a nice way of putting it!  :)

I also have a very good memory. I remember details and very rarely need to use a planner to remember appointments, important dates, etc. But, I sometimes remember to remember them at the last minute (usually when I look at my planner!).

So this morning on facebook I had a very nice reminder from my very nice friend Angie reminding everyone about their appointments for the Easter Shoot, which I thought was next weekend, however, is this weekend.

I don't have easter clothes sewn yet. Oh, we've started. If you consider starting meaning I know what I'm going to sew for each kid. Connor will be in a tie in the same material as his sister's dress and Logan will have a onsie with a tie applicaid on it. Em and daddy even picked out the material and I picked up a new onsie for the baby and rick rack for the dress. They even picked out a pattern.

But it's all sitting in a pile. The material is not even washed and the pattern is not in her size and needs to be graded up.

So this morning, I've been reworking the pattern for her dress.

Resizing kids clothes is much easier than adults. Now pesky darts and curves of the body to deal with. This dress calls for a zipper but I added an extension on one of the back pieces so that I can put in snaps or buttons. I also lengthened the pants. Although they show on the picture as below the knee, the pattern is for more short bloomers than long bloomers and I really like how they peek out the bottom of the dress.

This lil' one is more than happy to sit up in his chair on the table and help his momma work this morning. Especially since his sister is at school and his brother is off with daddy and grandma and he gets undivided attention.


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