Thursday, April 21, 2011

A new skirt for ME!

Today I actually got quite a bit of sewing done. I finished up the little man's underwear from the other day. Six pairs in 45 that's a quick, satisfying project. And they seem to be working well. They don't stay as dry as a diaper but he does feel when he's wet and it telling me as soon as he pees. YAY!  :) As mothers we must celebrate all of our victories, no matter how small.  :)

I also got to sew a skirt for me. I really had no clue what I wanted but I wanted a new skirt for Easter Sunday. So I dug out some plain old black material and made a simple A-line skirt with a jersey band. Then I made up some strips of ruffles and sewed them to the bottom of the skirt. I did not put a hem on the skirt, just ran a single stitch all the way around. I want to see how it looks as it gets washed and frayed up.

Did you know that you can create a ruffle as you sew? I have a ruffler foot but every time I've tried it I end up jamming up the machine. I remember seeing somewhere about grabbing the bobbin thread as you are sewing and pulling it towards you. As you pull the bobbin thread towards you, it creates the ruffle or gather. Super simple! I mean really super simple. If that didn't make sense and you want to know what I'm talking about, let me know and I'll make a little video showing how it's done.

Off to play for the night.


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  1. Love the tip about ruffling by pulling the bobbin thread! Now I'll have to sew up something with a ruffle soon. :)