Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making Clothes That Last

When I look at controlling and maintaining the things in our households, there are some items that we accumulate faster than others. In our households, it's books and clothes. Children seem to accumulate clothes as a much faster rate than adults but typically it because they outgrown them so fast. But looking at the pile of clothes for my daughter on the laundry table and in her closet and dresser, it amazes me that she has almost as many clothes as I do. Living in a region that has four distinct and overlapping seasons, it becomes easy to accumulate clothes because each season requires a different type of covering.

There are ways to make girl's clothing last through several seasons and growth spurts. When I first made this dress, it was November and my daughter wore it with tights and a turtleneck and added a sweater for really chilly days.

When spring came, she was able to wear this same dress with a short sleeve shirt and a light sweater and tights. Again, throughout the summer she was able to wear it as a sundress. Last fall, my daughter went through a growth spurt and the dress became too short for modesty for her age. However, she could now wear the dress as a tunic top with a shirt underneath and a pair of leggings or jeans.

We got five very distinct seasons out of this dress. The plus side is that because it is handmade, it has stayed in very good shape. The downside is that she has unfortunately outgrown it. The material is's a Heather Ross double guaze material...heavenly and definately was a splurge.

Now that she has outgrown this as a dress and a tunic, it can easily be turned into an adorable little skirt that can get several more seasons (allowing this mom to enjoy her handiwork and this beautiful fabric even longer!).

I'll post pictures after I reconstruct it!