Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainbow pudding

My daughter loves to cook and bake. It's not always that she likes to eat what she makes but she does like to work in the kitchen. I've seen this project in quite a few places around the web...coloring foods in a rainbow colors. One of the websites said to use gel food coloring. I picked up pink and purple in gel colors and used regular food coloring/egg dye for the rest. The gel coloring is expensive and in comparing the outcome, I'd say go the food coloring route.

We have a very, very small kitchen so we use one of the larger
cutting boards over the stove for additional workspace.

This was a good lesson in learning colors and what colors mix together to make a new color. For my 2 year old, it was just plain fun but also practice in coordination (meaning not getting pudding all over the place while trying to stir it).

See the pretty dark purple one at the top of the picture. That was with regular food coloring. See the weird color to the left? That was with the $2 a bottle of gel food coloring. The pale pink on the right side of the took the whole bottle of gel coloring to get that color. The bright pink on the other side of the picture...regular food coloring.

After they were mixed and chilled in the fridge awhile (meaning - mommy had a chance to calm down from being over stimulated while trying to not get food coloring all over the kitchen while supervising a 2 year old and 4 year old), we set everything up on the kitchen table and they created rainbows in new cups.

The baby in a bouncy seat on the table where he could laugh at his siblings (and give them the sink eye when they ignored him).

The proud 4 year old who declared we were going to win a trophy for the bestest rainbow pudding ever.

Do look at your pictures and realize you seriously need to clean certain
areas of your house? Like say, the stove that you didn't think looked
"that" bad or the area that consists of your work area?

This is "my area" which is my little nook under the stairs. It holds the computer and my sewing machine(s). There are two file drawers under the table on which two printers also sit. The pink and green drawers are full of the kids art and crafting supplies. It also becomes a place where clothing that needs to be mended goes, bills, banking, and paperwork get placed and fabric that I have in mind for a project ends up. There's also quite a few started projects that I keep thinking if I see them on a regular basis, I'll get working on them. It's also the place where the kids put their toys and artwork that they don't want their sibling to get ahold of.

*Sigh* This scary sight needs to be dealt with today!


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