Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ribbon Barrettes

Several weeks ago I was flipping through a craft magazine at Walmart and had a flashback to the 80s. Feeling slightly nostaligic, I picked up some barrettes and ribbon and then they sat on my crafting table for a couple weeks. So tonight after all the kids went to bed, I sat down to watch a little television and figure out how to recreate them (I was too cheap frugal to buy the magazine) and came up with this.

The ones I wore as a little girl always had the little beads attached to the ends so when we swung our head the beads clicked together (I told you I was a little nostalgic).

I'm going to keep playing with them. I think by twisting the ribbon, the colors could alternate down each side.

This is a great little project that is ridiculously cheap and simple to make! My daughter will be so happy with them in the morning because as she always tells me, "You know mommy, pink and purple are my favorite color."

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