Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Sewing

It's snowing again here in Wisconsin and we've been spending a quiet morning watching movies and sewing.

Connor saw Thomas the Train material earlier this week while Walmart and instantly fell in love. Actually, he falls in love with anything these days related to Thomas the Train. We picked up half a yard and I told him I'd make him a pair of pajama pants. I used a pair of pants I made before Christmas as a template and just traced them onto the material and used fold-over elastic on the waistband.

I love working with fold-over elastic. It makes projects quick and easy. These pants took me 30 minutes and that included ironing the material and tracing the pattern. And that is seriously one happy little man...I know these won't be coming off today!

I also made a new skirt for Emily. I've seen tutorials in the past using outgrown tights under skirts and decided to give it a try. This was also a really easy project...only about 30 minutes again.

This was so simple. I used a half-yard of material and put in a half-inch hem at the top and the bottom and then sewed the seam closed. Then I quartered the fabric and stretched out the tights as I sewed. Results can be seen in the last pictures - She loves it and told me I'm the best mom to my ears.

Off to set up paint for the kids and do some more sewing! Happy Snow Day!!