Monday, March 21, 2011


We took a little trip up to our beehives over the weekend. One colony survived but the other was dead. The colony that survived was very busy with a lot of early spring buzzing going on. The other hive was filled with honey and lots of honeycomb.

My children think honeycomb is candy made by bees. My 2 year old (didn't get a nap yesterday) had a tantrum when he only got two spoonfuls of honeycomb. I thought about throwing a little fit myself because yeah it's that good but you know the whole I'm the parent and should be a good role model thing. Yeah, it sucks sometimes. :)

This is the first year we've seen this much food in the hives in the spring which  means they were either really busy late last fall or very very early this spring. Either way, it's definately a yummy treat!

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  1. How fun to harvest your own honeycomb! We bought some at the farmer's market this year and enjoyed it. I am hoping to get bees this year so that we can have our own too!

  2. What a special treat! Beekeeping looks like so much fun, I hope to be able to try it someday, once we get the grassfed beef, milkcows, and goats all figured out, haha! Thanks for sharing this with the Homestead Barn Hop!