Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pita Pizzas

The last two weeks around our house have been nuts. I started my part-time job and the farmer's helicopter at work needed major work. Between our two schedules, there was actually a three day period where him and I did not see each other. I, also being sleep deprived from working overnight shifts, apparently did not have much common sense at the grocery store one day since there are honey buns, chips and dip, licorie, and other junk food items on my kitchen counters along with soda pop in my van. Luckily for me, the kids wanted things like pancakes and french toast for their dinners because I was so tired, I may just have agreed to honey buns and chips and dip if they had asked.

Homemade pizzas is one of those things that just make me cringe. I love it but it's so time consuming and least in my head. Em saw pita pizzas in a magazine and since she is my lover of making anything and everything, asked if we could make them. Me, being in a sleep-deprived, guilt phase, readily agreed (The night before as I was leaving for work, she had to be peeled off of me as she was screaming, "I just want my mommy, I'll tell Santa I don't want any toys for Christmas.")

Well now, aren't these just about the easiest things in the world to make. And I figured out the cost, $4.10 for four individual pizzas. Also under 400 calories for a sausage pizza. That's a whole lotta pizza for 400 calories. I even have enough to make another batch. I just froze the leftover sausage and pizza sauce. The calories could be less by simply cutting the pita in half and using turkey sausage. One pita makes a nice thickness but cutting the rounds apart would make a nice little thin crust pizza. I cut up strawberries and salad and we had a nice little dinner with lots of leftovers.  


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  1. We make pita pizzas too. They are so good and such a good alternative to reg. pizza! I love the peasant shirt below. I would love one in my size too.