Saturday, September 10, 2011

Garden Update

We picked a watermelon yesterday.

There a certain little baby who loved it. Not sure if it was the taste or how it felt on his sore little gums!

Tomatoes GALORE! Wow did we have a bumper crop this year. We picked another four basket fulls today and I'll start on salsa and more tomato sauce and some stewed tomatoes.

Sweet corn was a bomb. We should have picked it already and quite a bit of it had already started to dry out.

We are still picking cucumbers. Will have a couple more batches of pickles and relish to make.

Some of the cabbage is ready, some could go another week. There are some that I planted late that will go for another month or so. I have a tendency to ruin kraut. I do exactly what my dad does and my spoils. So when the cabbage is ready, I'll be taking it to him to make my kraut this year.

Picked a wagon full of carrots. They smell SOOOO sweet. They certainly could have stayed until frost but the kids were excited (me too!). I'll freeze those since I'm the only one who likes carrots and that's the one I like them.

Everything else is either starting to die off or finishing it's ripening.

Fall is slowly coming upon us. I always wish for those lazy fall days but there are so many that rush by with trying to get so much stuff ready for the garden.

We'll butcher chickens in a couple of weeks. Oh yeah what fun...did you hear sarcasism? :)


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