Monday, September 26, 2011


We've slowly been getting ready for winter. Finishing up the garden and building up the wood pile. I picked the brussels sprouts and cabbage yesterday. The cabbage will be making it a trip to my dad's house since for some reason yet to be discovered, I can not make kraut.

Lots of brussel sprouts this year! YUM YUM

The beginning of the sweet potatoes.

Winter squash - I'm the only one who eats it so YUM YUM for me!!

Fall work - lots more to cut over the next couple of weeks.

BUT! The main reason there is so little posting is that this little man keeps me on my toes and absolutely exhausted. He is 8 months old today and spends most of his day trying to figure out how to climb stairs. While his older brother was noisy so I knew everything he was up to. This one is silent. So I may very well think he's in the living room having his nap when low and behold I come around the corner and find him halfway up the stairs. We do have a gate on the stairs but the kid's bedrooms are upstairs along with all of their toys so the majority of the time the gate gets left open.

And he also thinks its hilarious to get halfway up the stairs and then lay flat so he slides all the way down the stairs.

And he's teething so we spend lots of nights rocking and rubbing gums.



  1. Your harvest looks great and so does all that firewood. The eight month old Angel on the staircase is the greatest reward of all. You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your brussel sprouts look fantastic! Wow!