Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apple Onion Grilled Cheese

Do you ever get in food ruts? I do, constantly. I'm trying to keep myself and the farmer and kids from getting in those food ruts so we've been quite adventureous in our meals lately. Surprisingly with great success!

This morning I made a tomatoe-spinach-cheddar cheese egg scramble (lazy mom's omelette) with whole wheat toast. Quite yummy!!

For lunch the kids wanted grilled cheese. Our standard grilled cheese is colby-jack with jelly. Seriously, if you haven't tried jelly on your grilled cheese (grape or apple are our favorites), stop wrinkling your nose and give it a's kinda like putting cheddar on your apple pie.

So to kick up our lunch a little, I jacked up the grilled cheeses. For the kids, I carmelized some thinly sliced apples in butter and a little apple jelly. For myself, I carmelized onions and apples in butter and a little apple jelly.


Comfort food all jacked up. Can't beat it on a rainy fall day!


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  1. Oh goodness this sounds wonderful! I bet it would also be good with smoked gouda!