Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Losing Farm Animals

Losing farm animals is part of living on a farm but no matter how it happens or when it happens, it's still sad. I've nursed baby turkeys, feeding them with a dropper to have them die in my hands. I've bottle fed lambs curled up on a haybale to have them thrive one day and pass away during the night. And of course we've had our favorite chickens, ducks and geese over the years.

The saddest lose is when its caused by a preditor because it's viciousness. Last week, Red (Bourbon Red turkey) lost his friend Dude (Narragansett turkey). We've had these two guys for five years so they were no longer farm animals but pets. We had six young turkeys that all died over the course of the summer either from just not being strong enough to being killed by the coyote we've been seeing this summer. We also lost our white female turkey (the other female Narragansett who came back from living with the wild turkey went back to rejoin the wild turkeys).

So now it's just ol' Red wandering around the farm. He's kinda sad so I'm looking for a friend for him (which isn't easy this time of year).

We also lost Megan the Mule over the weekend. Megan came to live with us this past spring to live out the rest of her life and died of old age but I'm glad she was with us while she was.

Kinda a mellow week around the farm.



  1. Yep, we have a hobby farm and have had our share of losses too. Sorry to hear about yours. Blessings from Wisconsin

  2. I am so sorry for your lose. I know how terribly diificult it can be :(