Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grape Jelly, Storage and Making Friends on the Farm

Almost 42 jars of grape jelly this year. Heavenly...absolutely yumminess. The grape jelly is a mix of grapes we've planted and wild grapes from around the fenceline of the farm.

I've also run out of storage in the kitchen pantry shelving. So I've started storing underneath the bed in our room.

This isn't an entirely bad problem to have. But I still have apples and tomatoes to process as well as corn and the farmer still has honey to do so hopefully the kids don't mind a couple of boxes of food under their beds. Maybe it'll keep the toys from getting piled up under the beds. Although I could see the 2 year old using the canning jars as stacking blocks to make towers for his trains...okay, scratch that thought!

I found a friend for Red and will be making a trip this weekend to pick him up. At first the farmer told me he didn't have anymore live turkeys he was selling and tried to sell me a butchered turkey for Thanksgiving. After explaining our story of why I'm looking for a live turkey when its almost October, he told me he could spare an extra one.

And that is why I love farm people. Not only do they understand why I have a turkey that's now a pet, but also why I'd try to find a friend for that turkey and also why I'd be willing to drive almost a 100 miles to pick up said turkey.


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