Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green and Gold Apron for the Middle Man

Sorry to all my fellow Wisconsinites, however, green and gold in our household usually conjures up thoughts of John Deere over the Packers!

I've noticed that our new kitchen playset tends to be gendering itself towards girly colors. Which in all honesty, does not seem to mind either of the boys, even when my lil' man dones a pretty pink apron. But fair to be fair, I got out some fabric scraps and made him his own little apron this afternoon. This is the results of me asking him to stand still so I could get a picture.

I kept it simple. I used to squares of fabric and laid them right sides together but upside down from each other. Turned inside out, pressed the seams and then turned up the bottom to create the pocket with stitching down the center. The band is the same fabric and put on as bias tape would be put on.

And by the time I finish writing this, those pockets are probably stuffed full of Thomas and Friends!


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