Thursday, March 29, 2012

Curtains for the Lil' Lady's Room

It really couldn't get any girlier than it was in there. I mean, pink walls, pink bedding, purple bedskirt, barbies, baby dolls, and princess toys. So when picking out material for the curtains for her room, Miss Em decided that she really needed more pink. The nothing matching she gets from me. I love the cozy, wozy, mixy, matchy hodge podge style of design. Pretty much meaning if I like it, I'll find some way to make it work. Or I let it not match and tell people it's my "country cottage style."

She wanted pink bias trim but after a "designer pow wow," we decided that the green would offset the rainbows on the material. At what age do children stop believing the BS that comes out of their parent's mouths? I figure I got a couple more years with my oldest.  :)

Doing the rooms for the oldest two (the babe still sleeps in a crib in my room and yes, I have issues with my baby growing up too fast), it was quite a lesson in control for me. I had a vision of what I wanted for both rooms but had to bite my tongue and let them decide. In the end I'm happy because their rooms are turning out just the way they like them.

The rainbow material is from I think Riley Blake? and the stripped material is gifted thrifted material from a friend.


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