Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Sprung Right Into Summer

My fellow Midwestern friends will attest that there is a reason blogs from the Midwest are lacking on posting lately.

Here in Wisconsin, the LOW today is 63 with a high of 79.

Seriously, 79 PEOPLE! It's only March 19th. My kids are wearing shorts to school and I've entered into my summer uniform consisting of capris and sandals. My kids are now requiring daily baths because they come in at night covered in dirt. They want sandwiches for lunch because they can eat them on the run.

It's warmer here in Wisconsin than it is in Los Angeles!

I almost stopped at the greenhouse to buy tomatoe plants.

I may pacify myself by planting potatoes.

Or carrots.

Or maybe one tomato plant?

Or Two.

I'm hanging a sign up for awhile that says...

"Out Enjoying Summer in March until the April Snowstorm Arrives"


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