Friday, February 24, 2012

Life and slowing down

We all have those times in our lives where everything becomes hectic. As moms, we already juggle so many things and we know it's sometimes a struggle to keep all of those balls up in the air. And life takes a swing at you and you struggle harder to keep all of those balls in the air. Sometimes it keeps swinging and you're afraid of dropping all of those balls.

That's where I've been...trying and struggling to keep all of those balls up in the air. And with those struggles, I needed to focus on the ones I was taking my anger out on the Farmer. Whom I love dearly and thank GOD everyday for giving me such a man.

We have a rental property and I'm not a good landlord. Not because I'm a slum lord but because I believe that all people are good and don't lie. I believed my tenants when they told me they were trying to get the rent money. I have too big of a heart and they have children. They made it appear that they were struggling and I let it slide. In the end, it was a lie. They lied to me for four months and they committed worse crimes against other people in our community. I took them to court on January 31st and today spent four hours with our local police chief and county deputy trying to get them out of the house without taking the route that would cost us even more money.

It was a struggle and was taking everything out of me. My balls were beginning to drop.

But it's over. The Farmer and I stood in the living room of the rental property amidt grime, dirt, and junk left behind this afternoon and I cried and prayed and asked forgiveness.

And I can begin working on getting all my balls back up in the air.

This was a lot of negative stress. I have had some good stress such as co-chairing my first church dinner with my good friend and it was a RAVING success. I also found a lot of fun treasures lately on some scavenging outtings. I'll share them as soon as I get batteries for my camera since a certain 3 year old took my batteries for his Thomas the Train.

Now hopefully will be a time of slowing down. Of taking time to enjoy life again. Of course, there will be sewing and lots of garden and farm planning. There are chickens to buy and seeds to plan and dreams to work toward again.


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  1. Oh Lisa...that is so hard! In our early marriage we had a rental and the same thing happened to us. My husband got so bummed we sold it and that was the end of renting. He couldn't handle dealing with the people. I hope things are all calmed down and the balls can stay in the air!!