Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conversations with Kids - 1

I love the things my kids say...most of the time. I always think I'll remember them forever...but I know I won't. Someone once told me I should write down all the funny things they say. True, but how many of us have the time, ability, or that much money to spend on notebook paper to write down everything (funny, etc.) that our kids say!

But I do want to remember certain things so I'm going to start a little thing called, "Conversations with Kids."

We were getting ready for school this morning and I was trying to help Miss Em with her socks...

Emily: "Mama, I can do it myself."
Me: "Sorry, I forget you're growing up and don't need mom to take care of you."
Emily: "It's okay mama. You can still butter my toast."
Me: "Oh thank you."
Emily: "You're welcome mama"
Connor: "Mama, I will let you can take care of me forever."
Me: "Thanks for the warning Connor."
Connor: "You welcome mama. I ove u."
Me: "I 'ove' you too Connor."

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