Thursday, February 9, 2012

A simple blanket

It started over a year ago when I made this blanket for lil' man and a pink similiar one for Em. They haul them with them when the stay the night somewhere and sleep with them almost every night. They've been on trips and lots of overnights at both Grandma's houses as well as every trip to the cabin. Then over the 4th of July we were all at the cabin and came in for the night to find my two of my nephews wrapped up in those blankets. And they got a lot of teasing because, well, not only did they steal the little kids blankets, one of them was pink. They liked them because they were soft and cuddly. Then all three of them proceeded to tell me that I could solve the problem simply by making them their own blankets because that's what they wanted for Christmas.

So that's what they got.

One wanted blue, one wanted brown, and one wanted green. The green one I finished today. When I ordered the original flannel, the picture didn't look like it had pink in it and it didn't list pink but there was pink so I ordered different and it was backordered.

Today I did a little sewing and finished up this blanket.

It couldn't have been simpler. Flannel and minky sandwiched between quilt batting.

I know as parents we often forget that the simpliest things in life will make a child most happy. A simple handmade blanket that took me under 30 minutes to make. Nothing fancy, I didn't even do any quilting.

Simple and handmade with a reminder from some great kids that life really isn't complicated. It's not always about the newest gadget or video game.

Simple and handmade. A good lesson!  :)


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