Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The ruffled swimsuit

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Even though my sewing machine and I are not on speaking terms right now, he did stop his stubborness long enough to let me sew Em's swimsuit this morning (and yes, I believe my sewing machine has a stubborn male personality because of course a woman would never be so least not when it comes to crafting). Although if you look closely you can see where he spit at my stitches several times. He did start to behave somewhat when I dug old Bertie out of the attic and threathened to replace him.

Remember my post where I quite possibly overreact? Yeah, I have the same reaction to children's swimsuit. Last year, the mister and I went to four (4!!) stores before we found a swimsuit that did not include being a bikini or have cut outs down the front, back or sides. So anywho, I thought I'd save myself the headache of swimsuit shopping for a little girl and make the swimsuit.

This is that fun ruffled fabric that I have for the top and spandex for the bottoms and bias tape. Since the ruffled fabric can be a little thin, I did line it with spandex. I will have to make another pair of bottoms because I got the legs a tad tight but we can always use these as backups. It was really quite simple (besides trying to put on spandex bias tape...ack) and I will definately be making her swimsuits from now on.



make it wear it


  1. Wow! That is way more advanced than I am ready to try yet.....its a very cute swimsuit.

  2. So cute!! I want to make one for a grown up!

  3. Oh, I have some of this ruffled fabric and never thought to turn it into a swimsuit! What a great idea! Yours turned out lovely!